• e. huntington

Go Away From My Love

I love you so much I want you to go. I want you to chase whatever it is you cannot find in me.

I don’t yearn for me.

But I don’t forget me ever.

Roam free and chase all of the amazing, beautiful sunsets.

Just know I will be chasing them with you, on the other side of the moon.

I will smile every time my heart feels joy, knowing that you have found happiness, too.

And when I cry, I won’t think about you, because I am leaving you with love.

Although sometimes those sweet tears will fall when our song floats to my ears, and I will think of you.

I want you to forever hold me in your heart, but keep me quiet. Loud memories stop the heart from finding a love that sets your soul free. Find a different light than mine. Don’t look for me in the eyes of another. Love another with all the love I have given you times one hundred.

In those quiet moments, when you are old, and sitting in your chair - when the wind comes in and you smell a certain wild abandon in the air - turn and look to the moonrise and remember the moments we spent tangled in the stars.

Never let go of the recklessness with which we lived. Never forget the smiles.

But go. Go far. Go to the places that you thought you never would.

And if you ever get lost, you will always be able to find me, and I will help you find your way again. Every time. If we end up lost together, I will create a new world right where we are, so you can know you are safe and loved.

When I squeeze you tight for the last time, feel that hope, feel that love, and let it fill you with the power to never be afraid of this world again. Feel my love for you coursing through your veins and know that if you ever fall, I will be right there, in you, to help you on your way.

I hope, somewhere down the line, we meet again. I want to see the life on your face and listen to your stories and hold your hand while we watch our final sunset.

Souls like ours are never far apart.

We have known each other for lifetimes.

I’ll find you again, my love, my friend - and one of these times - one of these beautiful lives - we will live the days together, side by side, and finally walk into that light.


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