• e. huntington

A Love Story

They both loved each other.

They gave each other’s lost soul a home.

But he was scared.

And she was, too.

So they ran, in opposite directions.

He needed to escape the possibility of hurt, of the pain.

She needed to find herself again.

But they had been apart before.

And the world insisted they slam together, after ignoring the signs.

He loved her, but he couldn’t.

She loved him, but she shouldn’t.

Around they ran, they pushed and pulled.

Until finally, one day, they stopped.

They looked back.

They saw it all.

He saw her soul, and she saw his.

And she looked at her feet, and thought to run away.

But before she could take a step, his hand was in hers.

Then all was right, even though the fear was still there.

Because between their hands was the courage to stay.


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